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The legislative advocacy work of the NAACP encompasses testifying and advocating in support of legislative, budget and performance oversight actions by the Mayor and the Council of the District of Columbia.  Since 2020, the NAACP DC Branch has testified in over 40 legislative, budget and performance oversight hearings advocating for education, HBCU's, housing, health, nutrition, policing, public safety, criminal justice, economic empowerment, environmental justice, arts and humanities in the District of Columbia.


  • Office of the Attorney General

  • Metropolitan Police Department

  • Office of Neighborhood Safety Engagement

  • University of the District of Columbia - March 29, 2022

  • Commission on the Arts and Humanities - March 29, 2022

  • Committee on Recreation, Libraries & Youth Affairs, Public Roundtable, Trayon White, Chairperson

Economic Empowerment:

B25-0152: Reparations Foundation Fund and Task Force Establishment Act of 2023


Ferebee Hope Public Hearing

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