Political Action Committee

The Political Action Committee works to ensure voter empowerment through providing awareness, training, and programmatic support to ensure registration, education, administration, and election protection.  The NAACP has developed a nonpartisan voter empowerment program  designed to empower African American and people of color by increasing awareness and participation in the electoral process.  The Political Action Committee will support the NAACP’s mission to ensure political, educational, social, and economic equality of rights of all persons and to eliminate race-based discrimination, through implementing the following initiatives:

  • A series of voter education forums addressing DC Vote and ward specific issues
  • Issue focused political action notifications through social media usage
  • Local DC and Federal advocacy days and facilitating meetings with elected officials
  • Get Out The Vote (GOTV), voter registration and poll transportation
  • Partnering with local and national civic organizations to address pertinent issues
  • Informing the electorate of candidate views, to hold elected officials accountable.

DC Voting Rights Act

The NAACP DC Branch strongly supports the District of Columbia House Voting Rights Act introduced by Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton (DC) and Congressman Tom Davis (VA).  This bill addresses that concern and provides a "vote neutral" option by adding two additional seats most likely to be represented by a Democrat and a Republican.  Despite the fact that we pay federal taxes, serve on juries and defend our Nation in times of war like most other Americans, residents of the District of Columbia are barred from having voting representation on the floor of the U.S. House or Senate. This classic example of "taxation without representation" is contrary to everything that this nation is founded on. This means that more than half a million people are paying money to and dying for a government in which they have no say. It also means that the federal government is receiving and spending $4 billion without having to account for it. In fact, the residents of the District of Columbia pay more federal taxes per capita than all but one other state.

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Khadijah Brydson, Political Action Chair