International Affairs Committee

We are dedicated to closing the gap of disparities faced by people of color across the globe by promoting fair and equitable human rights and economic justice. The NAACP cannot adequately represent African Americans and other racial and ethnic minorities if it only has a domestic agenda and does not consider the global impact of our domestic concerns. The NAACP must use its domestic influence to help inform African Americans and other racial and ethnic minorities of the affect of international affairs on their social and economic livelihood.

African Americans, with few exceptions, fare the worst in terms of access to healthcare and housing, numbers living in poverty, etc. No matter where they reside in the world, people of African descent are plagued with similar conditions within the global community. Africa, with a population of more than 840 million, is the giant among the impoverished regions that the United Nations Millennium Declaration of 2000 identified as critically in need of aid. United Nations progress reports of 2005 show that Africa is furthest behind in the quest to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger by 2015.

Denise Lee, International Affairs Chair